Interview with Ambika P3 Professor Katharine Heron (Director)

Published Jul, 2016

How did you pick the name of your gallery?

P3 is the name of the level below ground. P stands for Podium and it is 3 storeys below ground. P3 is the button on the lift. We received sponsorship from the Ambika Paul Foundation who donated funds during the first four years, and this added Ambika to the name.

Tell us about your background and how you become appointed to your current position?

I am Professor of Architecture and recent Head of the School of Architecture. I am the founder of the project and initiated its use as a multipurpose project space usable for exhibitions and events. Michael Maziere is the founding Curator and is a Reader in Film and Video.

How do you select artists for exhibitions?

The most important criteria is how the work responds to the space. We seek exhibitions that also link to the research interests of the University.

Where do you find your artists?

There is no single way but we seek artists/architects with a Westminster connection and artists who will work well with the space. We work with other organisations including commercial galleries who would like to develop an exhibition in partnership.


The London art scene can seem big, confusing, and cold. At first glance it looks like it’s filled with pretentious people who are too uptight to talk. Well, we asked you who you want to meet and then we went out and talked to them. What we found is extremely generous, candid humans who are deeply passionate about what they do. These are the human stories behind the cold and seemingly closed London art scene, and you can read them in the upcoming Who to Know in London book.

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