Interview with Kate MacGarry’s Kate MacGarry (Founder)

Published Mar, 2015

Kate MacGarry. Photo credit Jet.

Tell us about your background and how you started the gallery?

I went to art college but decided against pursuing a career as an artist. I worked in the art world for 10 years before opening the gallery which was essentially a way of working with artists.

What does it take to make a successful commercial gallery?

A good eye, the trust of artists and collectors and basic maths.

Does your personal taste influence the type of artists you show?

Yes. I show work that speaks to me but it also has to challenge my taste.

Where do you find your artists?

It varies but generally, artists are a good route to other artists.

How has the art landscape changed since Kate MacGarry first opened?

It’s grown enormously. The number of international art fairs and Biennales reflects this. Tate Modern and Frieze Art Fair have transformed the art landscape in London in particular. I hope the next generation of artists can continue to thrive.

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