Companion Pieces: Meet the Artist

Companion Pieces: Meet the Artist

Fri - 12/10/18

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

no format Gallery, Arch 29 Rolt St, London SE8 5JB, UK

Event Details

Visit this free exhibition and take the opportunity to discuss the work with Robert Fitzmaurice. No need to book as he is present every day 12-6pm.

Companion Pieces
04 - 14 October Thursday - Sunday 12 noon - 6pm, Wed by appointment
There is also the Artist's talk: Saturday 13th October 3-5pm when Robert Fitzmaurice will be in conversation with the painter and curator Lucy Cox

About Companion Pieces

Paintings, collages and sculptures exploring the double, the diptych, and other dualities.

In a new body of work created specifically for this exhibition Fitzmaurice advances a number of themes and motifs which have preoccupied him in recent years: rites of passage, sibling rivalry and forms of trade. His series of ‘Fixers’ dominates with paintings, collages and sculptures positioned to highlight his growing interest in uniting disparate techniques, processes and materials. In his recent podcast interview with Lucy Cox he he explains that his quote: “We are never more alike than when we fight to be individual.” reaches back to the early influence of the painter John Yeadon, his tutor at Coventry, who often talked about Siegel’s theory of opposites. The take-away idea from this was that all successful art combines essential dualities, and how “this idea of the unity of opposites struck a chord with me; I could see how both content and form of an artwork could be appraised in this context.”

Artist statement
“I’ve often been inspired by themes of identity and the double as explored in literature (especially in Shakespeare and Borges) however I think the latest series of works have established a number of directions for exploration that moves away from narrative sources. I’m increasingly interested in creating work where the ‘process of making’ as much as the ‘content’ can be reflected in the title, e.g. in the ‘Fixer’ series such double works as ‘Flipmeister I & II’ and ‘Unique Allure I & II’ point to new motifs and effects. These evolved by taking paired works through a process of tracing, cutting and reassembling swapped-over elements. I’ve also recently been reading a great set of exchanges between Peter Geimer and Isabelle Graw: ‘Thinking through Painting: Reflexivity and Agency beyond the Canvas’ where the idea of the quasi-person, and of the artwork having agency, are debated. I particularly like her phrase, when describing an artwork: “as possessing the ghostly presence of the absent author.” This is the pictorial territory I wish to explore in 2019.”  


Friday 12th of October, 2018

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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