Hanoh Szpira: Catastrophe

Hanoh Szpira: Catastrophe

Tue - 14/11/17

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

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Have you ever felt a presence with digital images?

Hanoh Szpira proposes the first step of an ongoing research that explores the materiality within digital creativity. His unique technique connects the dots between the plasticity and emotion of painting with 3D tools to create vivid digital images.

Constantly moving back and forth between the infinitely big and the infinitely small, from hand to machine, the artist gives life to beings of matter whose existence unfolds into the digital realm.

Organised by PANORAMA, an independent art programme featuring art film & video screenings, live music & exhibitions.

About the artist

Hanoh Szpira’s work finds its roots in the perpetual attempt for a discussion between the beauty of painting, the physical expression of materials and the digitisation of creative tools.

Impregnated with both traditional techniques (such as painting, drawing, photography) and 3D special effects coming right out of Hollywood, Hanoh Szpira has come up with the most singular approach. It is particularly visible through his desire to tear apart the coldness usually associated to digital images, while questioning its reason for being. Thus revealing a tension between these two, apparently opposed, technical ways of making art.

When the artist goes from working on a pigment to dealing with a pixel, or when he takes displacement coordinates to materialise a trajectory, his action produces a vibration between two worlds. It is this very vibration that interests Hanoh Szpira: links are created when one confronts facts or concepts that, at first glance, do not belong to the same reality.

Hanoh Szpira’s aesthetic is expressed through the aforementioned friction between two worlds, as it is through accidents, in the strict sense of the term: “fortuitous event”. It’s about revealing a face, a persona, through a “Catastrophe”. This circumstance creates a change of paradigm in the artistic composition and constantly redefines its nature. The accident both upsets and confirms the attempt to set an unnatural discussion.

It works similarly when Hanoh Szpira makes a portrait: he explores the subject as well as the irruption of the accident. He lets shapes and colours live together, gives an impulse, re-forms and re-works structures, establishes a new rhythm, until he finally finds a coherent matter, a presence amongst chaos.

It is a creation in motion that is bound by precision, balance found within the permanent instability. Hanoh Szpira thus questions the materiality of the digital image by asserting its aesthetic and technical particularities

Opens Tuesday 14th November 7-10pm, free entry
Open daily 15th - 30th November (Closed 16th and 18th)

AT Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

www.stourspace.co.uk - www.hanohszpira.com - www.artpanorama.org


Tuesday 14th of November, 2017

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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