It's so crazy

It's so crazy

Thu - 09/07/20

12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

cave, Stourhead House, 81 Tachbrook St, Lillington and Longmoore Gardens, London SW1V 2QP, UK

Event Details

"it's so crazy... I mean "it's so crazy" to be so attached to these goals of mine - to extend my freedom and to deepen, to enrich, to develop my imagination... "it's so crazy" to create, even if you can have this impression that the whole universe wants to prevent it, to stop it, like it would be some unnecessary waste of energy (third law of thermodynamics?) or disease of some sort (obsessive compulsive disorder?)... So I'm seriously into creating more and more complex representations in my mind and into documentation of these states of mind... 


So my everyday job is not a magic, it's something which we're all doing all the time by trying to communicate. Maybe this process is even more creative, generative and inspiring when there are this inevitable noise and imprecision's which are deforming our messages... There is no rules to which we have to stick in this play. That's why there is so much fun with that... It's so crazy..."

Luke Ratz 


(for the whole statement, please, visit the event webpage)

Opening day, Thursday 9th July 12pm - 8pm

Friday 10th July-Saturday 11th July 12pm - 6pm

Sunday 12th July 12pm - 4pm

Our gallery has free access to hand sanitiser, hot water and soap. Additionally, we are going to use different doors for entering and leaving. The place is well ventilated.


Thursday 9th of July, 2020

12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Underground station Tube: Pimlico Station (4 min walk)

Train station Train: Victoria Station (12 min walk)

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