Until you became me: Film Screening

Until you became me: Film Screening

Thu - 11/07/19

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The House Mill, The Miller’s House, Three Mill Ln, London E3 3DU, UK

Event Details

A screening of short films exploring themes of the body, water, ecology and our relationship to the environment. The programme has been curated for the works’ diverse and original treatment of their subjects, and include a film created especially for the event.

“Small Wet Mouth” by Ker Wallwork, (12m 15s) In Small wet mouth, Ker explores gendered experiences of porousness, dissatisfaction and miscommunication, through material play and narrative text. The work explores how naturally and unnaturally occurring materials may permeate bodies, particularly focussing on the hormonal messengers endocrine disruptors which boost oestrogen, testosterone and/or block oestrogen. www.kerwallwork.com

"Serpent River" by Sandra Lahire, 1989, (30 mins) Serpent River lies in what seems like unspoilt territory in North Ontario. White-water rivers crest elemental rocks. But Serpent River springs out at a Uranium Mine and its tailings (radioactive waste). Beautiful but often violent images are interwoven to create an experimental documentary about the hazardous existence of the Serpent River community living in the shadow of uranium mines. This film is the final part of a trilogy (see Uranium Hex and Plutonium Blonde) of anti-nuclear films in which the filmmaker makes visible the invisible menace of radioactivity. People, the landscape and natural resources all bear the scars.

“Cantos al agua” by Ingrid Pumayalla In her new work created in her native Peru especially for this event, Ingrid Pumayalla explores how the vitality of water can be read in its absence. The film is a series of performances and interventions inside of the landscape of the ruins of Chan Chan (Chimu 900 AD) to reconstruct symbols of water and geoglyphs from the Chimu culture. The geoglyph held knowledge of the relevance of water inside this culture that built their cities in the desert of the pacific coast. Adjusting to this difficult environment, the Chimu developed technologies and understanding of its landscape and environment to expand their culture from Ecuador to Lima (900km). www.ingridpumayalla.com

“The Elements: Part 1 Water” by Annette Fry, 2006 (7m 51s) This film began with the sound of a dripping tap in a kitchen and became the beautiful journey of water from drip to torrent, from sink to sea. Enjoy the flow, each drop is a part of the great ocean.

“Seafarer” by Annette Fry, 2009 (6m 56s) At 3.30 one morning I received a call from a friend: “Please come to video the birth”. I did, waiting for hours during the birthing pains, in a tiny bedroom and at last rushing to hospital to capture those precious moments. It was like the incoming tide, salty, slow and then rushing to its height. The oceans, our bodies, in all their salty beauty. ‘My mind is cast upon the swell, over the whales world widely to course creations coast’ (excerpt from the anglo saxon poem The Seafarer).

“Water’s Breath” by Miriam Sedacca, 2017 Shot during Miriam’s 2017 residency in the Peruvian Amazon, this film explores the pervasive and saturating presence of water in the rainforest of Madre de Dios. In an environment where even the air is made of 77-88% water, this vital and fecund element soaks everything with life and bathes life into being. www.miriamsedacca.com


Thursday 11th of July, 2019

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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